Hoyos Calls for Decrease in College Loan Debt Burden

Supports loan forgiveness for entering public service jobs

(Knoxville, TN) As college students return to campus in Knoxville and across the nation Renee Hoyos is pledging to work to reduce the long-term costs of a college education by addressing student loan interest rates and enhancing public service loan forgiveness programs.

“Students should not be burdened with high interest debts long after graduation. Congress can address this by decreasing interest rates for federal student loans. I also see an opportunity to boost public service. I’m opposed to Department ofEducation plans to eliminate programs that allow students to forego repaying some loans when they enter certain professions – like teaching, nursing and law enforcement – that benefit the public,” stated Hoyos.

As a member of Congress, Hoyos would make college affordability a priority issue.

Where does Tim Burchett stand on reducing college loan debt and encouraging students to enter public service jobs?