Hoyos Will Not Accept PAC Money

Seeks to restore trust of voters in campaigns, officials 

(Knoxville, TN) On election night Renee Hoyos announced that she will not be accepting political action committee (PAC) money during this election.  Instead, she will rely entirely on individual contributions to fund her campaign for Tennessee’s Second Congressional District seat.  

“I have seen the corrupting influence of too much money from special interests in campaigns and the undue influence on elected officials.  For the past year I have heard people in the second district express concerns about ‘politicians being bought.’  I will never be that type of congresswoman,” stated Hoyos.  

Hoyos pointed to the example of representatives who take tens of thousands of dollars from the pharmaceutical industry and then do their bidding in Congress.  PAC money is given with expectations.  “The Supreme Court decision in Citizens United opened the flood gates for corporate money.  It threatens the democratic process, and that decision should be overturned,” added Hoyos.  

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