Hoyos Maintains No PAC Money Pledge Burchett Accepts More Than $35,000 in Special Interest PAC Payments

(Knoxville, TN) In the latest quarterly filing with the Federal Election Commission Tim Burchett reports more than $35,000 of income from special interest, political action committees (PAC).  The majority of those funds have been contributed since the August 2nd primary.

Renee Hoyos has lived up to her pledge to take no PAC money during this campaign.

“I think voters are looking for representatives not tied to special interests.  My only obligation will be to the constituents of the second district.  PAC dollars come with expectations.  That is not the type of representative I want to be,” said Hoyos.

The proliferation of special interest PAC money has become more problematic in campaigns since the Citizens United decision in 2010 that allowed more unlimited funds to be spent.  Hoyos has vowed to work to change campaign finance laws to limit this undue influence on the electoral process.