When I decided to run for Congress as a Democrat in Tennessee’s Second Congressional District in 2018, I planned on working hard to earn the votes of people from all across my district. And I did. Together, we hosted hundreds of events, knocked on thousands of doors, and got more votes than any Democrat in the history of this district. Together, we moved our district nineteen “points” towards the Democrats, which is in the top 8% of all Congressional Districts in the country.

What I didn’t plan on, however, was discovering a home in the hundreds of living rooms and backyards of people in every corner of East Tennessee. Brave, tenacious, and hard-working — they deserve to be well represented in Congress.

It’s been almost a year since then and not much has changed. Tennessee has more minimum wage workers per capita than almost any state in the country. Over 60,000 people in my district still don’t have healthcare, like one man I met in Parkridge who had to resort to asking strangers on GoFundMe to crowdsource his daughter’s emergency medical procedure.

Meanwhile, none of this seems to be a priority for my Congressman. He voted against protecting people with pre-existing conditions, voted against millions of dollars for opioid relief, and voted against lowering the cost of prescription drugs.

He turned his head as foreign governments seek to rig our elections and has already accepted hundreds of thousands of dollars from outside special interests. These special interests threaten our healthcare, threaten our clean water and threaten our way of life.

That’s why today, I’m announcing that I’m running for Congress again in 2020.

East Tennesseans deserve a Congresswoman as serious and brave as the issues that we face demand. A Congresswoman funded by people, not special interests. A Congresswoman that works for everybody.