Earlier this month, my current representative, incumbent Congressman Tim Burchett, broke ranks with the rest of his Republican party.

Incumbent Congressman Burchett was the only Congressman from Tennessee to vote no on HR 2398, which expanded eligibility of the HUD-VASH program, which is dedicated “to help Veterans who are homeless and their families find and sustain permanent housing.”

Let me be clear about this. This bill was bipartisan. Incumbent Congressman Burchett was one of only 31 “no” votes. All other Tennessee Republicans and even the House Republican leadership voted “yes.”

Tennessee’s 2nd Congressional District has 52,035 veterans, according to the US Census. They are our neighbors, our family, and our friends. They risk their safety and put their lives on the line to fight for our country. The least that we can do in exchange is to ensure that these men and women, and their families, have a door to close and a bed to rest on. 

Anything less is an abandonment of the principles of our nation. In Congress, I’ll make sure that we don’t forget about their sacrifice.