Here’s a sentence you don’t hear a lot of candidates say: I just turned down money. 

Last week, my campaign received a check from an insurance corporation, and you know what? We sent it right back.

From the beginning, I’ve pledged not to accept a single dime from corporations or corporate PACs. That’s easy to say if no one is offering you any, and plenty of other candidates end up accepting their support. But not me. 

Too often, Congress votes to protect their big donors, not their constituents. Huge corporations, like Amazon, pay zero dollars in income taxes, all while donating millions of dollars to politicians who work to keep their taxes low, like my current Congressman. Meanwhile, working-class people are living paycheck to paycheck all over East Tennessee.

That’s why it’s so important that my campaign isn’t funded by big corporations, but by people like you. I’m not taking a dime from corporations, unlike incumbent Congressman Burchett, who went to Washington, D.C. and took thousands of dollars from insurance corporations, big tobacco, private prison operators, and more.