We all have seen the results of too many dangerous weapons in the wrong hands.  Now, we need to act.  I have made the following proposals:

  • Allow the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to perform research on gun violence as it relates to public health. I will work to implement their findings.
  • Require background checks to be mandatory for all gun sales, closing the gun show loophole.
  • Require agencies to regularly update the databases used for background checks. Currently, reporting agencies see this duty as voluntary.
  • We also need to determine what weapons are allowed on the streets.  I respect Second Amendment rights, but clearly, a distinction needs to be made for weapons of war.  It is time for us to have an honest discussion and take action to restrict the high-capacity, rapid-fire weapons used in these mass shootings.

Let’s pass common-sense gun reforms that will make our schools and all our citizens safer.