Across America roads, dams and bridges are in poor condition; the electricity grid needs upgrades; water and sewer systems fail to meet federal standards with regularity; and broadband is limited in many rural areas.  These are basic municipal needs that we all depend upon every day.

America needs to invest in its infrastructure; however, it appears Congress and this administration will spend an entire year doing nothing.  During the 2016 campaign, every politician had a platform calling for more investment in infrastructure.  Yet, none have taken the steps to move legislation and implement the improvements.  These upgrades will cost billions of dollars, but we do not have the federal and state planning in place to begin the work.

As a member of Congress, I will emphasize taking care of America’s needs, and that includes a focus on infrastructure legislation that will prioritize needs, set up funding mechanisms and ensure the states get the assistance they need to strengthen our failing infrastructure.

Let’s begin to set aside funding for infrastructure improvements that can be implemented today and into the future.