Residents of the 2nd District rely on TVA for their power.  There are no other provider options, but there can be more consumer options.

TVA can expand its renewable energy portfolio so that families can choose to utilize renewable energy choices as well as electing green power options provided by TVA.  There should be no barriers to solar development in the Tennessee Valley.

Net metering, distributive power, and energy storage through state of the art battery systems give consumers choice, and TVA should support those choices. It is important to note that addressing climate change is directly connected to energy choices.  Continuing the move away from fossil fuels and toward clean, renewable energy sources must be part of U.S. energy policy. Let’s move to a renewable energy future that is reliable, clean and helps us fight the impacts of climate change.

We need a large public investment in drastically reduce the use of fossil fuels, advance renewable energy technology, and invest in electric grid technology that harnesses a clean energy future to help solve the climate crisis. With innovative 21st century policies, Congress can protect our planet & create good-paying, green jobs for all Americans. That’s why I signed the “No Fossil Fuel Money Pledge”, to ensure the federal government: 

  • Creates jobs and invests in low-income communities to build energy efficient infrastructure, replacing lead water pipes, and updating America’s energy grid.
  • Prevents pollution and climate change by prohibiting new fossil fuel plants and pipelines when there are clean, renewable alternatives available.