It’s been one year since Congressman Tim Burchett voted against the bipartisan bill the “Lowering Prescription Drug Costs Act.” (H.R. 987)

That’s one more year of skyrocketing prescription drug costs for working people. In fact, between 2012 and 2017, the cost of the average Tennessean’s prescription drugs increased 58% — nearly the highest in the world.

That’s one more year of Tennesseans deciding to stop taking the medicine they need because they can’t afford to get a refill of their prescription. In 2017, this happened to 34% of Tennessee residents.

That’s one more year of the pharmaceutical industry profiting trillions of dollars– all while spending billions of dollars on advertising & lobbying to keep prescription costs high for working people.

We don’t have another year to lose. We can’t afford another year of being represented by members of Congress who value big pharma’s profits over people’s health.

I spent my career fighting powerful lobbyists and special interests who thought they could get what they want just because they have the most money. I know what it takes to beat them and when I get to Congress, I won’t stop until we do.