For the last 14 years of my career, I fought special interests to clean up Tennessee’s rivers and streams. Now, I’m running to clean up Washington.

Tennessee has more minimum wage workers per capita than almost every other state in the country. Ten rural hospitals have already closed, and fifteen more are in danger – including two in my district. In my district, over 60,000 people still don’t have healthcare, like one man I met in Parkridge, who had to resort to GoFundMe to crowdfund his son’s emergency healthcare procedures.

That’s why, when I get to Congress, I’ll fight to:

  • Increase the minimum wage so no family has to pick between paying for their food and paying their bills.
  • Lower the cost of prescription drugs and protect people with pre-existing conditions
  • Protect America’s streams, rivers, and natural resources & reinvest in our infrastructure
  • Invest in America’s children and improve public education for all, regardless of their zip code.

Over the coming weeks, I’ll share more about my ideas for my district, Tennessee’s 2ndCongressional. Stay tuned below: